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Amplifiers / DJ and PA Amplifiers / BPA-500


650 Watts  
Mic Aux / CD Inputs



  • 650 Watts RMS Output.
  • Output Impedance  2, 4, 8.
  • 5 Band Graphic Equalizer.
  • One Mic Channel and Aux / CD Channel.
  • Force Cooling.
  • Resettable Circuit Breaker for Protection Against Overload and Short Circuit.
  • Designed for used in a wide variety of PA applications and DJ performances.
  • 8PA - 500 is a 500 Watts amplifier which can be connected to various input sources like a Microphone, PA Mixer, DJ Mixer, CD Player Cassette Player, Keyboard etc.
  • The amplifier includes an built - in 5 Band Graphic Equalizer which enables precise and accurate tonal setting of the programme.
  • Line Input and Line Output have been provided to enable interconnections with other power amplifiers.
  • Indicator LEDs for Power,Signal,Temp Overloaded and Fault conditions have been provided.